Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Post Brexit world free falling into...

So - here we are, three weeks or so after the UK referendum to remain or leave the EU delivered a leave result by roughly 17 million leave to 16 million remain.

It was as if the whole country gasped not in happy relief but in shock, horror, and disbelief. Chief among those unable to hide this feeling were the 'winning' campaign leaders - Boris Johnson and Michael Gove - who couldn't drag up a single victorious smile, gesture or comment between them.

If there were any wild and joyous celebrations, then they didn't show up in the media - or they didn't show up in my media anyway, but much of that may be put down to the echo chamber effect of social media as those clever algorithms help you to disappear up your own rhetoric along with all your chums. I'm guessing there must have been some celebrating - but it didn't show up on the terrestrial TV news either, not on any channel. I'm foxed*

What did happen?

Cameron announces he will be stepping down, and not triggering Article 50.

Sterling plummets to a thirty year low.

Reports of all kinds of racial abuse, assault, and intimidation spike steeply.

The champions of the leave campaign fall away one by one. Boris heads for the hills. Gove puts himself up for the Tory leadership contest, but is voted out early. Andrea Leadsom finds that the dirty tricks she so supported in the Leave campaign are less pleasant when used against her, and she removes herself from the leadership contest.

So - we are going to get an unelected - entirely unelected in fact, as she is the only challenger for the Tory leadership left standing - Prime Minister, one who voted to remain in the EU, to lead us through the Brexit process.

Or not. Suddenly, Article 50 is pushed down the priorities year some time. Maybe.

*I have tried to find any evidence of Brexit celebrations online. They are pretty thin on the ground. It's very confusing.  Nobody, not a single one, thought it might be a good idea to publicise the fact that lots of ordinary people are delighted?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

From the sewing room

This was finished quite a while back. A big machine quilting project. I've seen lots of 'super-sized' blocks, and I've long admired the bold 'colourfield' style amish quilts, so decided to give this idea a try. Not bad...not brilliant, but not bad. 

Making this was quite an insight into whole-cloth quilting - I'd hoped to make it quicker and easier by using the machine, but it was jolly hard work and I'm not entirely convinced that it was worth it: but that has more to do with my choice of quilting design than anything else, as well as inexperience and the difficulties of quilting large pieces on a domestic machine. Still, I've developed a new fondness for patterned fabric and the associated camouflaging properties!

Here's the back. 

Here is the little white-on-white. 

And this is another go at the 'origami fold-map cushion' design, with hand embroidered label. Quilting design is the fold-map pattern of the flapping bird 'logo' on the tab.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

We are where we are...

Which is...right here. Oh.